Reflection: 2013 – The Year That Was


We are on the eve of a new year, as we get prepared  to say goodbye to 2013 and say hello to 2014 , lets pause and take a look back at the year that was, the very difficult 2013. As they say the number thirteen is not a lucky number, and the year was not a lucky one either. It has been, personally speaking, one of the most challenging years of my life, it was filled with many lows and very few highs, but thank God I lived through it, I came out a stronger more grounded, experienced woman.  Things I experienced in 2013, I have never experienced before, it took a toll, and at the time I was heartbroken, depressed and sad, at the time I so wished it wasn’t happening, but they say your experiences and your struggles make you the person you are, whether stronger or weaker.  I can say that I am a better person for having gone through what I did in 2013.

The year that was, was a difficult one for many, some people lost loved ones, many suffered, many experienced and lived through natural disasters, many, like me lived through a bad economy. Many significant and life changing people said their goodbyes to us, Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker, Lee Thompson Young, Margaret Thatcher, three young students of the Holmwood Technical High School and Lou Myers among many others…death is certain for everyone, but saying goodbye to someone you love and have known all your life is not easy, to those who passed on, may your souls rest in peace…2013 is a year I hope will never be replicated.

2013 was a year where some, (however few) good things happened, unemployment rate has gone down by a 1% in my country (small but at lease its going down), Usain Bolt retained his 100 and 200 m title at the World Championships, Beyonce released her long awaited Album entitled “Beyonce”, ….Wow that is it, I can’t think of any other…as I said, not a lot of good things happened in 2013, from my vantage point at least…

The New Year is upon us, I so hope and pray that it is a good year filled with love, milestones reached, less people dying and an improvement in the lives of many, both spiritually and economically. The number fourteen is a significant number, biblically, it signifies a lot including the figure of the Christ immolated the fourteenth day of the moon, and at similar day the children of Israel had command to celebrate the Passover, that is to say the passage of the Red Sea and The fourteen generations of Abraham to David, just as of David to the deportation of Babylon, and the deportation of Babylon to the Christ, among many others. Generally speaking, the number 14 symbolizes goodness and charity.

From a numerological perspective, 2014 should be a good year…fingers crossed that it actually turns out to be good…

I have my resolution ready, I have my mind ready to accept even greater things and I am ready to take on the challenges of the New Year. Are you ready, are you ready to make 2014 better than 2013? Are you ready for 2014?….whether you are ready or not, it is coming,..So, brace yourselves and see you in 2014!

  God Speed 🙂