My Visit to the Little Ochie Seafood Restaurant

There are many beautiful places in Jamaica that provides authentic Jamaican cuisine, but none does it better than the Little Ochie Seafood Restaurant. This restaurant is rustic and is as authentic as they come; it is nestled in a fishing community located in Alligator Pond which lies at the foot of the Don Figueroa Mountains located on the border of St. Elizabeth and Manchester.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of fish, lobster, crab, and just about anything that is edible from the sea. You choose what you want to eat from a wide variety of fresh seafood and the wonderful staff prepares it however you want, be it roasted, jerked, steamed or fried. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed to have an edible orgasm.

When you go to the Little Ochie Seafood Restaurant, the food, as fabulous as it is, is only a small part of the package. The restaurant is on the beach and made up of several huts, most made from hulls of fishing boat and its roof made from coconut tree leaves. While sitting in your revamped boat, you are able to enjoy the fantastic view of the rough ocean, enjoying every tumble of the rough waves as it crashes against the shore. You see seagulls feeding in the ocean and the tireless fisher men selling their catch of the day. You are able to walk in the iron laced black sand and enjoy the magnificent view of crabs running in the sand, or the ruins of homes of people who once called the Alligator Pond shoreline home.

A visit to Little Ochie is a must for most Jamaicans, it is the ultimate hang out spot, ideal for dates, or just a cool place to lime on a Sunday evening.

If you ever visit Jamaica or is in Jamaica, and haven’t visited Little Ochie, you definitely must, it is a piece of Jamaica that you absolutely must experience.


Hope You Enjoyed 🙂


Song of the Week: Human by Christina Perri

This song is a great listen, if you are in a particular mood, it will bring you to tears. Human is that song that talks about the fragility of human beings and how much it takes to be human. The average person has around two major life changing bad moments in their lifespan, outside of the routine ups and downs, the challenges of living and trying get by day by day, the pressures of fulfilling inevitable requirements and trying to live up to the ever changing and progressively more unachievable demands of society.

With all that we have to bear and suffer through, we still are capable of having a fulfilling life, armed with the ability to get up after every fall. Human is the song you listen to when you want to be reminded that falling is a part of life and that no matter how we hurt, there is still hope, we can rise, we will rise because…we are only humans.

I love Christina Perri, she sings with such soul, like she has lived every word she is singing about…don’t just take my word for it, see it for yourself…Here is HUMAN!….

Hope You Enjoyed 🙂