Be Inspired: Fearful Women by Carolyn Kizer

I consider myself to be a feminist, a mild feminist, if that even exist. I hate seeing women being mistreated, undervalued or even under estimated. I want us to rise above our issues and show ‘them’ just who we are… We are strong, resilient creatures, who take hits every day, from almost every angle/ every aspect of our lives and yet, we still have a smile, we still fulfill our obligations with our heads held high…. So, as an ode to one this century most prolific feminist and poet…here’s Carolyn Kizer with fearful women…enjoy.

Arms and the girl I sing – O rare
arms that are braceleted and white and bare

arms that were lovely Helen’s, in whose name
Greek slaughtered Trojan. Helen was to blame.

Scape-nanny call her; wars for turf
and profit don’t sound glamorous enough.

Mythologize your women! None escape.
Europe was named from an act of bestial rape:

Eponymous girl on bull-back, he intent
on scattering sperm across a continent.

Old Zeus refused to take the rap.
It’s not his name in big print on the map.

But let’s go back to the beginning
when sinners didn’t know that they were sinning.

He, one rib short: she lived to rue it
when Adam said to God, “She made me do it.”

Eve learned that learning was a dangerous thing
for her: no end of trouble would it bring.

An educated woman is a danger.
Lock up your mate! Keep a submissive stranger

like Darby’s Joan, content with church and Kinder,
not like that sainted Joan, burnt to a cinder.

Whether we wield a scepter or a mop
It’s clear you fear that we may get on top.

And if we do -I say it without animus-
It’s not from you we learned to be magnanimous.

Hope you enjoyed 🙂


Inconvenient Love

Valentine’s Day recently passed, its arrival and sudden departure, got me thinking about love, what it means to love, to be loved and what it really means to give yourself completely to another person. It also got me thinking about what Carrie said when she was breaking up with Aleksandr, – “I am someone who is looking for love, real love, ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love”.

“Inconvenient, consuming love”, what does it really mean? Does it mean that you put the person you love before yourself? That you give your love even if it is not convenient to do so? That everything else is insignificant compared to the person that you love? That your life is meaningless without the person you love? If that is the case, then it is A LOT! I want ridiculous, inconvenient love, as so passionately put by Carrie, but am I in a position to give it? Am I able to give what I so desperately crave? …Idk!

Passionate, unconditional love, (the love that can be rephrased as ridiculous, inconvenient love – in my opinion) is defined as “the characterization of intense emotions, sexual attraction, anxiety, and affection.” and “that type of love which has no bounds and is unchanging, comparable to true love”, respectively. So, to rephrase Carrie’s statement, she wants true love, with the underpinnings of intense, passionate love.

Having true intense love is what almost everyone wishes for. We all want to feel that feeling, the feeling you feel when you look your love in the eye, and absolutely nothing else matters, the feeling that when you are down, he/she is there to pick you up, to help you to be the very best version of yourself. Everyone wants to want/need that one person so badly, that it causes your body to be on fire! We all want to be completely overcome by that type of passion and desire that makes us nothing like ourselves until we get it…awww…sounds magical just thinking about it!…ok, back to earth :)… in the words of Rihanna, “we all want love”, true love.

Thinking about true love and comparing it with what I know and have experienced, I can say this – when you find true love or anything close to it, DO NOT LET IT GO! Hang on to it for dear life! According to a survey conducted by Siemens, about 27% of people actually find true love, so having it, or just a fragment of it, means that you are darn lucky.

Whatever true, inconvenient, consuming love means to you, whatever it is that you want from a partner or relationship, whatever it is that your heart aches for, never EVER stop searching until you find it…because life, is just not worth living without it!

Hope you enjoyed 🙂