Song of the Week: How Many Drinks? (Remix) by Miguel ft. Kendrick Lamar

If you all didn’t know by now, I LOVE Miguel! He has this soft soulful voice that makes you want to listen over and over again to his music. I love his entire look, he is very easy on the eyes and has a particular appeal that is just to die for….He is not only a handsome fellow, but he has a lot of talent. He writes, sings and produces. He has produced songs for Usher, Alicia Keys and others.

I love this song because it is cool and has a very addictive rhythm. Kendrick Lamar’s part just put the icing on the cake serving as a perfect juxtaposition to Miguel’s soulful sexy voice. It is a perfect song for a relaxing night when you just want to feel sexy, in love or relaxed or when you just want to look at a VERY, sexy man! 🙂

Want to experience the awesomeness that is Miguel?…Take a listen!

Hope You Enjoyed :)…I Definatley did!


What’s Wrong with Looking Young?

I am petite, I am 5ft 3 inches, I am small, I look much younger than I actually am, that is something good in my opinion, especially in the young obsessed culture that we live in…but over the past week, I have been bombarded with, are you 17? You look so young!…looking young/younger than you actually are is a good thing, everywhere…except your place of employment.

The young obsessed culture has not yet reached the workplace. People in most professions prefer to see an older more “mature” looking person handling their affairs. People equate inexperience and inadequacy to young and experience and know- how to older more “mature” people…this pisses me off!

For heaven sake, don’t judge based on how I look judge me based on the quality of work I produce. If I don’t do a good job, then by all means crucify me, but don’t assume that I am inexperience and have no idea what I am doing simply because I look “younger”!…There have being conversations about the issues women already have in the workplace, the struggles we have and how hard we have to work to prove ourselves, even harder than our male counterpart. Conversations have been around about race discrimination and breaking the glass ceiling, but enough is not being said about age discrimination.

Age discrimination in the workplace is a reality and affects so many, myself included. I have been passed over for a promotions of which I posses the right qualification and experience just because I look too young. Young professionals have to struggle to get ahead and get the jobs we want and are qualified for, but do not get, we have to wait until we are much older because we do not look the part…So now the challenges I face in the workplace are doubled,… I am a woman and I am young!…

Sound off, what is your opinion on this issue? Have you been affected by age discrimination?

Song of the Week: Prime Time by Janelle Monáe ft. Miguel

This song is hot right now. It is sexy, and has a cool, chill romantic feel… I am not one for current songs, but this one has caught my eye and ear, it has a vibe that is irresistible. It features one of the sexiest, coolest artist around, Miguel!…He has a sexiness to him, that is just so mesmerizing!…I love this song because it is soulful and has an artistic feel that only a collaboration between Janelle Monáe and Miguel can bring…

…Have a watch…I know you will agree!…

Hope you Enjoyed 🙂

Looking Good Has Nothing to do With What you Wear

It is often said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty and looking good is subjective and means different things to different people. Just look at some of the runway shows. They have the weirdest ‘couture’ outfits that to me are hideous! …I know designers make ‘ready to wear’ and ‘couture’ outfits, but have you ever seen anyone in a ‘couture’ outfit walking down the street? …the importance and necessity of ‘couture’ outfits vary based on the person you ask…

…looking good is similar to wearing couture outfits…to some people you are the hottest most fashionable thing, and to others, you look like a hot mess!…Everyone has their fabulous days and not-so-fabulous days…I was on my way to work one day, I felt good!…You know those days when you feel sexy confident and on top of the world?…yeah, that was my day, I was strutting my stuff, I was wearing an outfit that I have worn a million times. While walking, I realize that everyone started staring at me, they were looking at me from head to toe, it was not just two people, it was almost everyone I passed, both men and women. So naturally, I started to wonder what they were staring at, I checked my teeth and my hair. I couldn’t figure out what it was. I wasn’t wearing a ‘fabulous’ outfit, I looked normal… I couldn’t find anything wrong… I later realized that they were not looking at what I was wearing but how I was wearing it…I was confident and comfortable in what I was wearing and that was what stood out…

…Looking good is 90% confidence!…some people can wear a garbage bag and still look fabulous. It doesn’t matter what you wear, but HOW you wear it!

Being confident has nothing to do with what you are wearing, it is innate, it is how you carry and present yourself.

 Hope You Enjoyed 🙂

My Jamaica: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jamaicans/Jamaica


I am a proud Jamaican. I Love my country and want nothing but its success. Many persons looking from the outside have preconceived ideas about Jamaicans. They think we all live in trees, that the island is very small, that everyone knows Usain Bolt or Bob Marley , and that all Jamaicans smoke Marijuana and are Rastafarians …well I am here the debunk the rumors and preconceived ideas about one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Jamaica is obviously one on the most beautiful places on earth; Jamaica is 10,991 km², we boost a population of approximately 2.712 Million. We have a high crime rate, a struggling economy and we have a very small to non-existent manufacturing industry. We struggle with a lot of social issues, like many developed and developing countries, we are plagued by a corrupt government and we have a Gross Domestic Product of 14.84 Billion USD :(…

…with so many challenges and struggles, most people would crumble and loose themselves or be completely overwhelmed by misery and hopelessness, but not Jamaicans, Jamaicans are NOT most people…irrespective of our size and issues, we are ranked as the 75th happiest country on earth…Want to know why we are so special? …Keep reading…

Jamaicans Have a Slang for Everything!
Ok I was going home one day and I was in a taxi and the driver was talking to his friend, they were having a lengthy conversation that lasted for about 10 minutes, and can I tell you, I didn’t understand one thing that they said! They were speaking English, but it was English unique to them. The driver was live “Yow dawg, mi did forward, di parti slap weh, mi did ago duh so, but mi doops say mi nuh fi mek da link deh, so mi duh suh an hol a medz”, the guy responded “dawg, a suh di ting set, when u a duh suh, yuh have to jus duh suh, yuh caan too pree de link before yuh mek di link star”!…Im like what the hell did he just say!? J….Jamaicans are very creative, we have a different word for everything! I am never in the know when it comes to slangs, so I’m always left behind, and my sisters be like “girl, where are you”?…Here is a rundown of the current slangs,…I’m keeping you in the know…You’re welcome! 🙂

– Dawg – Close Friend
– Link – friend  in a network of friends

– Duh suh – Make a move, chill or take it easy
– Hol a Medz – Meditate, relax

– Bill   – Chill, take it easy
– Pree – Check Out

– Goodaz – Hot, sexy woman or girl
– Maad – Awesome

– Sort Out – Fix up (usually related to sex)
– Slap Weh – Awesome

– Yu done know – You understand
– Loud up di ting – Expose someone’s business

– Do road – go on an outing
– Level – Calm down
– Babylon – Police

In Jamaica, You are what You Do
Jamaica is a very informal society, we are easy going and we don’t stress about the little things. So if you are a foreigner and you come to Jamaica, and your occupation happen to be, say a Receptionist, don’t think that you are going to be referred to by your name, no sir, in Jamaica you are what you do and how you look. If you are a vendor who sells bags – you are called ‘the bag lady’ or ‘baggie’, even if you are off the job, no matter where you are, you are ‘baggie’. If you are teacher – you are ‘teach’ if you sell eggs – you are ‘eggie’, if you sell underwear (draws in Jamaican patois) you are forever and always ‘drawsie’! If you are fat – you are ‘fatty’, ‘biggs’ or ‘fluffy’, if you are slim – you are ‘slimmaz’, if you are tall (male) – you are ‘tall man’, , if you have dark skin – you are ‘blacka’ and if you have locks – you are ‘ras’.

Some persons in other parts of the world may be offended if they are fat and referred to as fatty or biggs, but in Jamaica it’s no problem man. We give people nick-names as it is easier to remember and it means that you are a friend, that you are welcomed. If you are called by your full name, now that’s when you need to worry! 🙂

Jamaicans Are Very Superstitious
If you are a Jamaican, you know that everything means something, supernatural or biblical. We strive on what our grandmothers and fore fathers did and believed. If you are sick, feeling down, it is believed that a drink of a particular herb can make you better. If something bad happens, even if the reason is obvious, we will find something supernatural to justify it. If you for instance you are a bicycle rider and you ride on the same route everyday and something bad happens, even if you were not being careful, people will say, “a set dem set yuh up, look how long yuh a ride pon de same route an noting nuh happen, why all of a sudden, yuh meet inna accident?”…

Jamaicans are Very Religious
Religion plays a huge role in how we do basically everything! It influences how we raise our children, how we treat each other, and our social norms and values. Jamaicans believe that prayer can help everything, if a child is misbehaving, you will hear “a praya di pickney want”. Church in Jamaica is a MUST! If you don’t go to church on Christmas Sunday, Easter Sunday or New Years Sunday, you are considered ungodly. I remember one Christmas Sunday I didn’t go to church, when I went to work a co-worker asked me “how was church?”, I foolishly responded “I didn’t go to church”…who told me to say that? She called down heaven on me, saying how dare I not go to church!… Most Jamaicans, no matter what they are doing or where they are, church on major Sundays is a MUST!

Jamaicans are Very Helpful and Kind
This is what I loveee about my country the most. We are a society of brothers and sisters. No matter how bad we treat each other sometimes or no matter how we curse each other out, if you are in a jam, trust that someone will help you. If you are going someplace and you don’t know where you are going, and you ask for direction, someone will spend as long as it takes to make sure you who where to go. If you are low on cash and run out of grocery, you can ask a neighbor for a piece of yam, a hand of banana or some sugar. Once we have something and can assist someone in need, we do and never expect anything in return.

Jamaicans are not filtered- We are as blunt as they come
This is what you should know, in Jamaica, if something is funny, we do not hide it, we will laugh, even if it is at someone’s expense. We do not have filters; we don’t go out of the way to say something just to make you feel good. If you look tired, messy or have a bad hair day, you will be told (you would hear “lawd my girl, how yuh hair stay suh”?), conversely, if you look good, trust me, you will know (“my girl, yuh stay good”). We are honest people, what you see is what you get… Jamaicans are not the type of people to sugar coat things and say the “appropriate” or “expected” thing; we say it like we mean it…

…Don’t get me wrong, we are not heartless, insensitive people; we don’t ridicule or make someone feel bad about themselves. We embrace you for who you are.

In Jamaica, Everything is funny, Even When It’s not
Jamaicans have a comical response for almost everything. One day I was in on my way from work, there was a commotion in a supermarket, a lady was caught shoplifting, it was discovered that she stole a box of matches, and peanuts. One gentleman was in the crowd, he was like, “I cannot believe this, this is so unfortunate, to imagine that this is happening now” I was nodding in agreement, to the fact that the lady was shoplifting, he laughed and continued “before she tief some chicken or a big bottle of Bailey’s Rum Cream” I am like, what!! She stole, that is bad enough, don’t encourage her!..the crowd up-roared, people was mad at the woman and laughing at her, not because she stole (which was bad enough) but because of what she stole!…Only in Ja! 🙂

Jamaicans are very traditional
Jamaicans are nothing if not traditional. We believe that things are supposed to go a particular way…just ask my mother! If you are cooking you have to do it a particular way, because if you don’t, you cannot cook! If you are cleaning, you must clean a particular way, or you cannot clean. You must go to school, get a job, get some furniture, get a house and then have a baby. The average Jamaican becomes a parent before marriage, becoming a parent is something you must do, preferably before you are 28. If you don’t, people will wonder what is wrong with you! …

…We have our quirks, we have our challenges and we have our differences, regardless of all of these and how bad our economy is, there is no place I would rather call home!…Jamaica to di Worl!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed 🙂

Song of the Week: Love and War by Tamar Braxton

I LOVEEE this song, it is one of those classic love songs. It will be ‘in’ no matter what year it is; the message is timeless and applies to everyone in a relationship, marriage or other. It deals with relationships and the fact that it is a combination of love and war, sometimes people throw punches (figuratively) and say very hurtful things, and sometimes it is peaceful, wonderful and blissful…

…I was never a Tamar fan; I just thought she was a Toni Braxton knock-off (I love Toni)…I never really gave her a second thought. Then I heard this song, I was immediately blown away by the vocal strength and range of the singer, and the catchy relatable lyrics. Upon hearing this song for the first time, I thought it was one of those other R& B singers… then I found out it was Tamar,…I immediately fell in love!

This song will have you jamming and thinking about your own relationship and whether or not it is all love, all war or a combination of both…

So, here is one of my new favorites,…Tamar Braxton!

Hope you Enjoyed! 🙂

From Me to You: Folkways by Edward ‘Kamau’ Brathwaite

I first fell in love with Edward Kamau Brathwaite when I was in College. I didn’t like poetry, I didn’t like Caribbean poetry. I thought it was tedious and very heavy. I thought it was just too much Afro-centricity!…It was a drag, people talking about our struggles, slavery etc, it was  hard to digest…so I blocked my mind and avoided poetry esp. Caribbean as much as I could. Then came college and a course called Caribbean Literature…

…We had to do select our favorite Caribbean Poet, find one of his/her poems and analyze it…I found Folkways by Edward Brathwaite.

To be honest, the thing that got me about this poem was the word ‘fuck’…I was intrigued that such a poem so, raw and passionate exists. I began to dig a little deeper, reading as much as I could find. It was then that I was taken out of my narrow mindedness and into the world of poetry, real poetry, not the roses are red crap.

Folkways is a powerful poem that focusses on the struggles and frustrations of black men, it will get you…

…So without further ado, here is my man…Kamau Brathwaite!…


I am a fuck-
in’ negro,
man, hole
in my head,
brains in
my belly;
black skin
red eyes
broad back
big you know
what; not very quick

to take offence
but once
offended, watch
that house
you livin’ in
an’ watch that lit-
tle sister.

My puffy pink-
faced sin-
ful palms
are hands
that hit
hard, hold no
The precious life-
line readings there
outline no
ready fortunes.
Just hard hands,
man, spade hard
and licensed
with their blisters.

I am a fuck-
in’ negro,
man, hole
in my head,
brains in
my belly;
hits the rock
and the borad blade
shivers, eye
sockets bulge and
burn with the
shock, sweat
silvers the
back until I feel
bad, mother, I feel

like the sick
dog kicked from the
garbage, the snicked
hawk gripped in its tightening circle

of air.  This is the hate
that makes my skin
stink, gives me my body
odour.  And I feel

bad, mother, I feel
like a drum with a hole
in its belly, an old
horse lost at the hurdle.

But don’t touch
me now, don’t hold
me; for the good
God’s sake, if you scheme-
in’ now to relieve
me now, to sweet
talk me now, to support
me now, just forget

it now, please forsake
me now.  Just watch
me fall in the mud
o’ my dreams

with my face in the cow-
pen, down
at heart, down
at hope, down

at heel.

But bes’ leh we get to rass
o’ this place; out o’ this
ass hole, out o’ the stink o’ this


To rass
o’ this work-song singin’ you singing’
the chant o’ this work chain

gang, an’ the blue bell

o’ this horn that is blowin’ the Lou-
ee Armstrong blues; keep them
for Alan Lomax, man, for them


folkways records, man
that does sell for two pounds ten.  But get
me out’a this place, you hear, where my dreams are wet

as hell.

Hope you Enjoyed 🙂